Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Doors of Time

As we traverse the ornate marble halls
We hear others orate immaculate calls
Calls of love, cries of greed, pleas of persuasion
Is what we hear on this splendid occasion

Walking through those stony passages we listen to something more
The persistent pulsing of time ebbing and flowing through that wondrous door
As much as we attempt to pull on the handle, we are so gruesomely shocked
To find that the brass handle of Enoch’s Door is still locked

I looked to her and she to me
And after some searching, we could not come up with a key

Initially frustrated but ultimately content
We decided to leave and from the marble halls we went
Back to our lands so rich and so pure
With its maples and larches under skies of azure

After some debate between she and I
We came to a thought with which we were satisfied
For time has many halls, all straight as a string
And the door to which leads to a center, connecting

Enoch’s Door is impossible for man to unlock
To do so would interrupt the ebb and flow and cause havoc
So here we sit, intertwined on the beaches of our shores
As we ponder; How many others have witnessed the doors?

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