Thursday, March 26, 2009

Untrained Minds

Untrained minds can be
Relentlessly daunting
Yet full of serendipity

It is with training that these thoughts can be truly harnessed
And from them, creative thoughts can be garnished
Onto anything or anyone, yet especially
The minds of the future, or those yet to be

Poets teaching poets, whether directly or not
Is something that attests to ways we have wrought
Into our society of singers, of minstrels and playwrights
Who write of the moon, the stars, and the daylights.

This lyrical verse, left unread for the century
Has lead poets towards their most basic philosophy
‘Write and recite, in both public and private,
Be unashamed or just try to hide it’

For words made by one person has the chance to be
Echoed in the halls of history
So gather your inkwells, your pens, and your Bics
And write something clever and right our minds quick!

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