Thursday, March 26, 2009

No Free Drinks

Are there no free drinks for a hopeless romantic?
A person beleaguered by love, left lonesome and frantic?
It takes liquor to stifle the flames of Love unrequited
That have been burning since the day Love was ignited.

So bartender, patron of brandy, and whiskey and glass
Pour me a double so this desire might pass.
A desire so near, but distant and far,
Has brought this hopeless romantic back to your bar.

A night tormented with wonderous thoughts of what may or may not be,
With a lover so unabashedly and relentlessly carefree.
A kind face that one can mentally admire,
Is what this vagrantly shy poet requires.

But if that is not on the menu tonight
Then never mind my silly insight.
Just pass a full glass over and let my troubled mind worry..and gripe.

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